cldECS – Quick Update



What’s Shakin’

Just a quick update on the Entity Component System framework project! Yes, I’ve been working away on it, and it’s now running swimmingly. While I’m still working on some example projects using it, you’re more than welcome to download it and try it out for yourself. The docs (that is, the README) aren’t all that fleshed out, but the headers all have pretty solid explanations of what everything does. There’s only four of them, so it shouldn’t be too tough a read.

Cool Graphic

As you can see from the image above, I went ahead and made a logo for it. While I might be getting a bit too excited about things with that, I made it for a good reason; one which will be evident hopefully in the coming weeks. And those shapes in the logo weren’t just picked out of a hat. 😉

Landing What?

Finally, I’m confident enough in this simple framework that I also made a little landing page for it. Right now it doesn’t have much other than the logo that links to the GitHub project, but it’s something to keep an eye on.


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