Bit Crushed 1.0 Branding/Poster

I got to create the branding for the first Bit Crushed coming up this weekend, a new recurring chiptune show put together by Hang On Get Ready. Unlike the artwork I created for his EP, I thought going a little more in the pixel art direction would be appropriate. Initial concepts for the logo were far removed from the final version, much more in the vein of 90’s tech companies. After a bit of tinkering, I started toying with creating the graphics in PETSCII. Using the C64 TrueType font from Style. I liked the idea of basically doing font art with old hardware, and the character set of the Commodore 64 was perfect (even though I’m fairly certain everyone performing at the show is using a Game Boy or NES). After a few iterations the main type logo was finalized (with a number of variants not featured on the poster), and the music notes pretty much just fell into place after that.


Bit Crushed 1.0 features music from Hang On Get Ready, BC Likes You!, and Danimal Cannon, with visuals by SBThree. Doors open at 7pm. For directions to The Modeling Factory, ask your friendly neighborhood punk.