House Rules Re-Release (v2)

I’m happy to announce the re-release of my first print and play board game, House Rules! You can download it from by clicking here or on the logo above.

From the game page:

House Rules is a print-and-play party game for people with a penchant for making their friends do ridiculous things.Take turns racing around the board, drawing cards with rules on them each step of the way. One turn you might get a Board Rule that advances you three spaces. On your next you might get a Player Rule telling you to:

  • Win a 10 second round of Charades
  • Sketch a player AND get their approval
  • Do your best Chewbacca impersonation
  • Prank call a friend on someone else’s phone and keep them on the line for five minutes
  • Play “Truth or Dare” with the player to your left – they get to ask/dare you

Sound ridiculous? It is. Download it, print it, and start playing

The game is free to download, but if you can donate a couple bucks it’s much appreciated. If you can’t donate but still want to help me out, tell me what you think of the game! It’s still work in progress to a certain degree, so feedback of any sort will definitely help make the game better.

Be sure to follow the House Rules Twitter account, and tweet your best Player Rules with hashtag #MyPlayerRule!