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Why I didn’t make a post about this earlier, I don’t know. Alas, better late then never, right?

A couple years ago I started digging around online, searching for other people in the Buffalo area that were interested in making video games. I myself had just gotten back into it and finished up work on Botrunner (which you can play on Game Jolt if you haven’t already), and kept thinking to myself how great it’d be to hang out with some like-minded folks. Eventually I found my way onto TIGSource’s forums, and wouldn’t you know it? Someone beat me to the punch and had already posted, asking the same question I had.

Cut to two years later. Futch and I, along with the help of some other incredible people, have created Buffalo Game Space. BGS has been a solid group for these past two years, consistently growing in terms of both members and output. We’ve proven the demand for this sort of group exists here. And that, to me, is absurdly exciting.

The thing is, Buffalo should have a game development industry here already. We’ve got all the makings of it – programmers, artists, musicians, designers. All right here. But these talented people keep leaving the area because they can’t find work. So what better way to provide these people with jobs than by bringing the benefits of a multi-billion dollar industry to Western New York?

That’s what we’re trying to do with this Kickstarter. Create jobs for talented people. With successful funding, we can get a better functional space that can be used by developing studios trying to get off the ground. Providing these teams with a space, equipment, and legal/accounting/publishing assistance means solid games. Which means revenue for the studio. Which means jobs. And like I said, multi-billion dollar industry – there’s money to be made there.

Let’s make these jobs a reality. Donate to the BGS Kickstarter and help us bring this incredible industry to Buffalo.



New site, new blog, new shenanigans. I got sick of the old layout; it was a little too complicated for what I was aiming to do, and with my poor web coding skills/lack of interest in web dev it made sense to ditch the crazy php stuff and just make a simple static page. Once I get a few more games up I’ll make a separate page just for that, but for now I think the one main page works out pretty well.

In other news, next week I’m gonna be participating in 7DFPS. Took a week off from work just to crank out a bitchin’ shooter. I’ve got a couple ideas and a sort of aesthetic I want to shoot for, and if I get the prototype working in the first couple days and it’s fun enough, I’ll probably keep working on it past the end of the jam to get it more polished and presentable. In any case, I made a dedicated blog for all that, which you can check out here: 7dfps.hellocld.com Actually, forget that, that was dumb idea. I’ll just post stuff here and put the “finished” game on it’s own subdomain.

Lastly, if you haven’t checked out the Buffalo Game Space yet, you should! It’s what started out as a Google Group for local devs, and is now an actual physical space. It’s still a work in progress but we’re constantly moving forward. Hit up the website for more info, and if you’re a local dev/artist/musician yourself, be sure to join the forums and introduce yourself!